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December 13, 2006



Off-topic, but are you going to get round to finishing "Microsoft's new win-win strategy" parts 4 & 5? I really liked the first 3 parts, now I just want to know where it was all heading...

Gary Wisniewski

Off topic scoldings are OK Adam. Yes, I am going to finish them both. In fact, the next one has been almost ready for a while, just need to proof a couple things and re-check some of the sources (some of which have expired since I wrote the original). Very Soon Now. I'm glad you liked the first three parts.

Also, get a Second Life account! :-)


"get a Second Life account!"

Heh. When a client is available for Linux/PPC, I might. :)


I second Adam's impatience. }:) For my part though, it's really not impatience with you so much as with Microsoft to embrace such a strategy based on Linux. Then again, I'm pretty content with Ubuntu... except I can't get a second life account. Still, quite looking forward to reading your take on it.

Mike Artherton

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