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March 28, 2006


Robert Scoble

Awesome post!

I'm emailing it around.

I totally agree.

Gary Wisniewski

If you agree, that's rather telling. There must be some perplexed faces at the lunch table. I hope the publicity causes change. A year ago I switched from a Linux desktop back to Windows XP. I'd really hate to switch again.

Robert Scoble

Well, I think I agree that you've identified a potential danger. It's not all hopeless, though. I'm seeing a lot of great things being done too.

Tim Sweeney

Who are you? You should write your name on the byline of your articles so that when someone follows a random link here and wants to memorialize one of your excellent quotes, they know how to credit it.


Not to be a pain in the a**, but you've described a drop in "percentage points" rather than percentage. A drop from 63% to 43% is actually about 31%.

The Man

Didn't you every hear of QuickSilver. That was a Database III Plus complier and then came Plink86 to split big executables into multiple pieces for bigger effeiciency. They were great products so I don't know why you would think dBase was in need of a compiler at the time.


Your comment on dBASE IV seem, to some extent, taken too far. Would it interest you that a lot of perfect applications (bespoke programs) still run on dbase iv providing solutions to such big organisation as a federal university. Infact, I maintain applications developed using Dbase Iv and write new ones to make up for unforseen situation that could never have been emphisaged by the earlier programmers. Let us call a spade a spade and not an agricultural implement, dbase IV, no doubt, has its limitatations but that naturally applies to virtually all software even those that make life easier for all us every minute of the day. Conclusively, I make bold to say that, with Dbase IV near human language syntax devoid of all jargons of this world, I am yet to employ a programming/database platform so versatile and easy to work with like it. I may be wrong, but I guess the grudge of this writer is like that of those who don't believe in God, it's simply due to their despair to find Him - OLUBUNMI kuye


I don't see any problem with Microsoft's New Product, Microsoft has something that Ashton didn't had, an impressive organization, their products are not always the best, you will find a lot of alternatives in the market, some of them even free, but they have the magic to put togheter software that makes sense with the correct amount of compatibility. I believe that since XP things became better in the OS part, also we could have finally a version of windows that lasted for a good amount of time before a new product came and push you to update before even knowing the last OS quite well.

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