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December 10, 2005



Trying to define what it is now, based on our current frame of perception, could have the unintended effect of limiting what it could be. I say relax, podcast, play and let the medium define itself.

Cameron Reilly

Gazza, your problem is that you're stuck in an old media mindset that thinks it's all about big numbers and big audiences and dumbed-down themes (eg news, entertainment) that can attract a huge audience. That was important when you had massive costs to pay but doesn't apply to podcasting.

Gary Wisniewski

Awww, I don't think I'm stuck anywhere! It doesn't have to be about big audiences, and I sure do not believe that dumbed-down themes are where it's at. The only premise I hold fast to is that there are many fewer producers of compelling content than there are consumers. So, I believe that one-to-many communications will still dominate the entertainment landscape and any attempt to convince me that "peer-to-peer talentmaking" will ever replace it will be a very hard sell.

There is room for peer-to-peer talentmaking. But, certainly the Podcast Network is one-to-many and becoming moreso each day as your audience grows.


I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

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